Cross Canada Trip 2022

Upon retirement we decided to take a trip across Canada. We left on Sept. 1 and returned home to Salmon Arm on Oct. 2. We drove 17,438 km and camped for 11 of the 31 nights. We managed to visit all 10 Canadian Provinces catching the end of Hurricane Earl in Bonavista, NL and “escaping” hours before Hurricane Fiona arrived in PEI. Due to Ferry troubles we ended up in Newfoundland for 9 days (instead of the planned 5 days) and managed to catch Covid as we were leaving NL. Here are just a few of the MANY pictures we took on the trip.

We camped for 11 nights starting in Rosetown, SK
Monument to Madeleine de Vercheres from “Madeleine Takes Command” – I book I read as a youth.
Saint John, NB
Reversing Falls – St John River
Hopewell Rocks
Stone Church in Saint John, NB
Along Cabot Trail – Cape Breton
I didn’t know you could use Tim Horton’s Coffee to attract lobster.
Cabot Trail
Cabot Trail
Heritage Lighthouse – the first of many
Cape Anguille
Gross Mourne, NL
Bonavista, NL
St John’s from Signal Hill
Petty Harbour
Completed the Trans Canada Hwy from West to East.
Aviation Museum in Gander.
Norse Village at L’anse aux Meadows, NL
Caribou at Port au Choix, NL
Port au Choix, NL
Arches Prov. Park, NL
Fort Anne, Annapolis Royal, NS
Aaron & Shelley Shantz’s farm.
Kakabeka Falls, ON
Visiting our old farm in Treesbank, MB
Swinging Bridge, Sours, MB
Moose Jaw, SK