February 1st

Debbie’s Mom wrote:

1970 – After noon we helped P. Ewerts make a tape, Katie Fast, Jake Martens from Chill were there too, it was a nice afternoon.

1972 – Got a gift ready for Darlene. Phentex boots bread & butter plate. Went to the Maple home. Both Annes Heidi & I. We have lovely weather after all snoe storm, Ice (19°). Had club tonight. Debbie was home has many cold sores, does not feel good.

1973 – Today we got our lovely drapes made by Martins man named Tony Ollinger.

1990 – John 3:34 Those who believe Him discover that God is a fountain of truth. It snowed beautiful again. John went out to clear the driveway and the sidewalks. Quiet day. The baptism candidates gave their testimony tonight. Tonight a little milder.

1991 – It starts cloudy & rain. THey put the furnace vent or pipe in today. Abe came to visit us today, all by himself? Called Sue, she is out.

1992 – Rain. Went with Gertie & Phil to town to do my hair, went for coffee Mrs. Wiebe. Later with Gertie to Bamer to lunch. After noon I had Cheryl here to tell me, how she saw Grandpa… I told her from the Bible had a good discussion. Then Alice Unger called, after Amika Deboer called to ask if I wanted to come over, so I went. Worked a bit with my returned cheques.

Sermons I preached on Feb. 1st.

  • 1998 – “The Trust Test” (topical sermon on giving)
  • 2015 – “Follow The Leader” – Matt. 4:18-25

My journals:

1994 – Got to office at 9am. Clear desk, mail, etc. Work to Angela. Plan week.

2011 – It was clear day here in Didsbury, AB. It has been ‘warming up’ today. It was down to -30°C and colder. Hard to believe that in just over 24 hours I will be headed out to the airport for my trip to Australia… I plan to pack tonight. We have Woolsey’s coming tonight. Staying for the night. I will have to work at packing while they are here. I also need to fix the outdoor tap before I go.

2013 – Had to ask an individual to step down from serving… 3 John 4 “I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth.”

2017 – A new month. One less January ever in my life. That is a bit traumatic to say that. Not that Jan. is my favourite month, but it means time is moving on and there is nothing we can do about it…. “What is the Lord saying? How can I lead a church if I do not stop to listen?”