Camping Prayers

We were getting desperate. I crawled back in the car and moaned, “now what are we going to do?”

Our vacation to southern California had been totally awesome. Disneyland along with the other typical “tourist attractions” provided an entertainment extravaganza. Now we were on our way back home and we were camping our way up the California and Oregon coast.

Unfortunately it was Friday. We began looking for a campground in southern Oregon but soon discovered they were all taken. Coos Bay found us still looking. Needless to say were getting a little anxious, especially when we were told that campgrounds were even busier further north. We wondered how much busier than full they could get.

Upon checking the map we located the community of Florence. Situated on the northern edge of the Sand Dunes, and into kite flying country, we immediately decided that would be the perfect place to camp.

Campgrounds discouragingly thrust out their “campground full” signs as we passed. Sure enough, when we got to Florence, the campground we had identified as the perfect camping spot was full.

We rolled into to town to try calling ahead. “Maybe by calling ahead we will find a spot — somewhere.” we hoped.

Calling ahead produced no better results. Discouraged, I got back in the car. “Now what we going to do?” I asked.

“Maybe we should drive inland and see what we can find.” was suggested.

At that moment, our teen-aged daughter spoke up. “But I was praying that we would find an open camp site at the campground we just passed. I think we should go back and check.”

Although I was pleased that my daughter had asked God concerning this matter, I doubted. All the other campgrounds had been full and this one also posted their ominous “campground” full sign.

Not wanting to shun my daughter’s faith, I turned our car around and praying continually returned to the campground.

As we pulled up to the registration booth, a half-dozen cars were ahead of us.

“Oh great!” I muttered. “If there was an open spot, it will be taken for sure by now.”

Finally we got to the booth. I got out and sheepishly addressed the lady in the booth. “I know your sign says ‘campground full’, but you wouldn’t happen to have one empty sight.” I was about ready to get back in the car and keep driving.

“Interesting enough!” exclaimed the lady. “I just got off the phone. Someone called to cancel a registration. If you would have come just minutes before, I would have turned you away.”

I couldn’t believe my ears. My daughters prayers had been answered. She had the faith and I had doubted. The registration attendants were amazed when I told them what had happened. When we found our camp-site, it was just the perfect spot.

I don’t know if you believe in prayer. I don’t even know if you believe that God exists and cares about you, but I do.

God is real. He is alive and interested in our lives from the moment we are conceived until the day we die. He not only knows what we are up to, but He knows our thoughts and feelings.

When you put your trust in Him, He will make a significant difference in your life. You don’t believe it? Just ask my daughter.