Remembrance Day

Death for freedom!

We solemnly marched through the falling snow on that gloomy November morning in Manitoba. As children we knew something serious was going on, but did not grasp the significance. The beat of the drum and the watchful eyes of the teachers propelled us on toward our goal – the cenotaph.

“They gave their lives that we might have freedom!” was the central theme of the cry that went out. Brothers, fathers, and sons had died on the battle field so that we could enjoy freedom.

It began to sink in. We owed a debt to many fellow country-men who had been slain for our freedom.

That particular Remembrance Day service along with numerous others since then have left an indelible mark on my memory. People died that I might enjoy freedom. Wow! I wonder – would I – would we be willing to die so that others could enjoy freedom? Talk about forfeiting our own rights.

But then my mind turns toward someone else who died for me – died that I might enjoy freedom. A freedom far great than political freedom. This One died that I might have personal freedom. That I might have freedom from incredible guilt- because of my sin. That I might have freedom from the chains of selfishness and hate. That I might gain freedom to live life to the full.

The One who died that I might have freedom is Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ, in an act of His love allowed Himself to be tortured and killed so that I might have freedom. So that you might have freedom. The Bible tells us how as people we are in a desperate situation, how Christ gave His life, and what we need to do to respond. I would encourage you to go ahead and read about it for yourself in the Bible.

At the Remembrance Day services, we are reminded to appreciate freedom that has been bought with blood. We are challenged to give our lives for the freedom of others.

This year, as we remember once again those who gave their lives for us, let us go further and remember the One who gave His life that we might have eternal freedom. Let us give our lives to Him in order that we might receive that freedom. Then let us tell others that they too can be free because Christ died for them!