January 31st

Debbie’s Mom wrote:

1973 – “Today Debbie came home & told us about her good marks in science.”

1974 – “Had a busy day. Baked, washed. Had choir. It snowed – lovely.”

1990 – “Cloudy, frosty on the window. Went to the mall. Called sister Anne, she will go to Toronto for Ben’s daugthers wedding. On the eve Darlene came & interviewed her grandpa again. Jeff dropped in to. Cold.”

1991 – “It is raining – But not all day. There was bingo in the Clubhouse. Went to Abe’s place. Brought pictures for the children & buns. Also went to Safeway shopping.

1992 – Rain. Later we saw sunshine. Gertie picked me up to go to the foot specialist & he was not there. Did a bit of shopping. When I came home the phone rang and it was Helen. Se we went out to eat. In the eve I went to Traches a bit. Frida Armstrong called to come over on Monday.

Interesting Note: I have never preached a sermon on Jan. 31st.