Europe 2002

In 2002 our daughter Liesel was living in Switzerland and it was our 25th wedding anniversary. We took a trip to see Liesel and then took 2 weeks to visit the surrounding countries. We visited England, Switzerland, Lichtenstein, Austria, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, France and Italy. Here are a few pictures.


Street in Zurich


Zurich from Grossmunster

Colmar, France

Appenzel, Switzerland

“Heidi” country

Salzburg, Austria

Sign in Vienna

Watching the rain, Vienna

Schloss Schunbrunn

Kauffbern, Germany

Countryside in Holland

Champs Elysees at 7am

Caesar inscription in Arles, France

Bathroom in our 14th century hotel in Arles

Arena in Arles

Manrolla, Italy



Town along Cinquiterre

Ticino, southern Switzerland

Ascona in Ticino

Zurich at sunset